Kids Fitness Revolution

The Revolution has begun! KFR is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide gifted youth athletes with the best coaching, training and opportunity to achieve their full athletic potential. KFR is fulfilling dreams and helping kids improve their lives by doing what they love most. Each child will have up to 11 coaches, experts and medical professionals groom them in their favorite sport, dance or to simply lose weight. KFR is also leading the fight against childhood obesity and related illnesses which plagues more than 30% of today's children.

If you qualify and need financial assistance, please submit this application, the brief essay and video clips requested below.

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Please attach an essay not to exceed 250 words describing your family, when did you first start playing or participating, interesting information about your past athletic /other experiences, why you feel you deserve a scholarship for tuition assistance, how will a scholarship change your life.

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