Classes Per Week Price
1 Class/Week $180 • ($15/class)
4 Class/Week $624 • ($13/class)

SuperStars Dance Company (invite only) - $500 + costume fee
Private lesson - $80 (1 hour), $375 (5 hours), $700 (10 hours), *price decreases when hours increase
Solo - $400 (5 hours worth of privates)
Bar/Bat Mitzvah or other event choreography - $600 for choreography and 5 hours worth of private lessons to learn the choreography

Princess, Ballerina, Disco, Hip Hop and more birthday party options available!


Payment- There will now be a late fee added to your account if payment is not received on or before the first day of a class. For each week that the payment is late, a $5 fee will be charged. After four weeks without payment, the dancer will not be allowed to participate in the class.

Attire- For girls, hair must always be in a ponytail or bun. No jeans or jean shorts allowed in any class except classes that are only hip hop. In ballet, girls need to wear a black superstars leotard (contact me for ordering information), tights, and ballet slippers.

Absences- Make up classes are available if a class is missed. There will not be refunds given for missed classes. Make up classes will not be carried over from one session to another.

These policies will help the studio be more organized and efficient. This will in turn benefit the dancers because we will establish a better learning environment!