Individual and Small Group


Our Certified professional basketball trainers are ready to help you improve every part of your game. We start from the beginning by testing you in areas of your game that, for your particular age group or level of play, you should be excelling in. With those test we are able to then observe areas of your game we can help you improve.

Our trainers focus on every aspect of a player's development including Functional muscle development, strength & conditioning. Basketball and development are our passion. We build the program around you. You become the center of attention and we focus all our energy in making you the best player you can possibly become.


Looking for an affordable and functional way to improve your game? Our group training sessions are specific to the abilities of the group. We switch up training regime's to ensure there is not a part of your game we don't work on. This is a game speed workout where you get to compete with and sometimes against the people in your group to beat the clock. From ball handling, shooting, passing, defense, to making game time moves we make sure you're taking your game to the next level.

1-on-1 Basketball Training: (30 min.) Evaluation - $50
1-on-1 Basketball Training: 1 Session - $100 Per Session
1-on-1 Basketball Training: 5 Sessions - $90 Per Session
1-on-1 Basketball Training: 10 Sessions - $80 Per Session
1-on-1 Basketball Training: 15 Sessions - $70 Per Session
1-on-1 Basketball Training: 20 Sessions - $60 Per Session

By appointment only