A "SUPERGYM’S" for the entire family!

Safety - Fun - Skills - Life


We ensure that all of our members, kids and adults alike, are using the best equipment and training tools available, and our expert coaches are focused on teaching the correct skills, form, and positioning to ensure the best possible results in the safest environment.


Fun at SUPERGYM’S Sports means lots of smiles and gaining a sense of accomplishment while being active and socially engaged with other youth. Achieving fitness, athletic, and life success is our goal for all our members and we strive to accomplish this in the most exciting, dynamic, fun filled environment we can.


Since the inception of SUPERGYM’S Sports, our purpose has been to teach life skills through sports. Skill development is the driving force behind what we do. Each member in each academy will receive top of the line instruction from our certified coaches.


Regardless of where your child goes with sports, your ultimate goal is to have him or her be a happy, functional, contributing individual. That's why we take our responsibility with your child so seriously. We definitely want your child to have a good time and improve in his or her sport of choice. Even more, we want your child to succeed in life. That's why:
  • Our staff is selected carefully and with an eye on character
  • Good sportsmanship is emphasized repeatedly
  • Maintaining a positive attitude is a primary focus
  • Life skills such as choosing how to think about things, treating others well, and being persistent are highlighted