SUPERGYM'S Ultimate Challenge

SUPERGYM'S Ultimate Workout is a high intensity, maximum calorie burning, and explosive training program that targets all the muscles in the body.

The Ultimate Challenge incorporates all of the popular workout programs like mat pilates, core training, spinning, boot camp, kick boxing, yoga, state of the art fitness equipment, cardiovascular equipment, sports performance equipment circuit, indoor turf agility training, and strength training.

The Ultimate Challenge utilizes spinning bikes, cardio machines, vibration trainer, ab coaster, upper body cycling bike, chin/dip weight assist machine, escalator stair climber, medicine ball rebounder, resistance bands, and a stretch trainer all in one 60-minute workout.

To learn more about this complete body workout and to register for classes at our 20,000 sq ft. facility please call 310.235.2040 ext. 247.