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Jim Rosen's lifelong passion for fitness began at the early age of 7 when he first discovered the incredible benefits of exercise. He played all sports, enjoyed exercising, and became a personal fitness trainer to help others get in great shape. In 1985, after graduating from UCLA, he decided to dedicate his life to helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives with his state of the art fitness equipment.

Jim opened a unique personal training gym and fitness equipment showroom which was an instant success. He was able to provide people with health club quality equipment at very affordable prices enabling more people to squeeze exercise into their busy schedules by conveniently exercising at home. Jim realized he was impacting many lives and his mission was to reach as many people as possible.

In the late 1990s, Jim was one of the early pioneers of internet marketing. He quickly learned that he could expand his mission and now help millions of people worldwide improve their health with his fitness equipment website, FitnessBlowout.com. To date, Jim and his team of fitness experts have outfitted over 200,000 commercial and residential gyms for their very satisfied customers.

Tragically, one-third of children in the US are clinically obese and for the first time in history, the current generation of parents are projected to outlive their children. After having such a positive impact on the health of the adult population, Jim set out to help improve the health of children. Jim and his wife Tiffany began by educating their six children on the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise. The Rosen kids, who are extremely fit, have quickly become positive role models for their extended family, friends and the entire community. Jim has successfully combined his charismatic personality and creativity with his extensive fitness experience to develop fun programs that make kids yearn to eat healthy and be physically active!

Jim has continued his crusade to help all children around the world improve their health by offering the latest cutting edge fitness equipment for kids on FitnessBlowout.com. Jim frequently donates fitness equipment to schools, hospitals, universities, and others in need to help people become healthier. He is also giving back to the community of Los Angeles by building a spectacular 20,000 square foot Community Center and Sports Academy for Kids called Super Gym’s SkyDome (named in honor of Jim’s nickname - “Super Gym” Rosen).

Jim Rosen is a successful businessman, philanthropist, health advocate and positive role model who will continue to have a profound impact on people’s health as he passionately develops new and innovative ways to pursue his mission.

Director of Dance Operations:

Shai Rosen has been dancing for as long as he can remember. His training began under Marisa Grima and later under Ralinda Watts and Irina, Rob, and Tasha Hamilton. These influential teachers have played a huge role in Shai's life and have shaped him into a versatile dancer, proficient in styles such as hip hop, jazz, ballet, contemporary, acrobatics, and ballroom. He began performing while attending Milken Community High School, where Shai won several regional and national awards at various competitions with the dance team.

Also during high school, Shai was hired to work on his first professional dance job, dancing for the WNBA's Los Angeles Sparks Troupe. With this group, he performed at the Sparks' basketball games, as well as did industrials for Universal Studios, Santa Monica Pier, NBAE League, and the LA Zoo. This experience motivated him to seek representation in the entertainment industry and audition for other dance roles. Upon being signed by LA's top talent agency, Bloc Agency, Shai was hired as a dancer for a Pepsi commercial, Disney Paris, Bloomingdale's, "Take the Lead" movie, NFL Pro Bowl and the London New Years Day Parade.

He was accepted into UCLA's World Arts and Cultures program in 2009, where he is currently receiving his undergraduate education. UCLA's close proximity to Hollywood has allowed Shai to continue to work as a professional dancer. His most recent jobs include choreographing for Wii's Just Dance Kids video game and dancing in a Chex Mix commercial, Shake It Up, America's Got Talent, Camp Rock 2 Freestyle Jam, Miranda Cosgrove music video, Fresh Beat Band, Zeke and Luther music video, and a commercial for Phineas and Ferb and Camp Rock 2.

Shai has a strong passion for teaching dance, as it allows him to utilize his training and experience to help dancers of all ages progress both technically and stylistically. In collaboration with SUPERGYM's non-profit organization, Kid's Fitness Revolution, he has started dance programs at the Salvation Army Transitional Home and the Mar Vista Family Center. Additionally, he teaches a regular class for Kindergarden students at UCLA's Lab School and guest teaches at school and studios such as Buckley School, Harvard Westlake High School, Marymount High School, California Dance Theater, and Pacific Arts Center.

Shai is extremely grateful to be part of the SUPERGYM's team! Dance has positively impacted Shai's life in so many ways, which is why it is his mission to spread the power of dance at SUPERGYM's.