"Our mission is to fill a much needed void in our community by developing a multi-faceted, state of the art sports academy, fitness, arts and entertainment complex for children, adults and the entire family to enjoy. Our emphasis is to help kids achieve their optimal athletic and health potential by providing the best "certified" coaching and mentoring in Los Angeles in ten different sports and arts academies, while simultaneously providing premium fitness and spa amenities for parents all in one safe, convenient Westside location. With the help of our non-profit Kids Fitness Revolution, this important endeavor will also combat the growing youth obesity epidemic which sadly, has resulted in a record number of childhood diseases such as diabetes, cancer and other serious illnesses. As parents of six athletically-gifted children, coaching dozens of youth sports teams and promoting the benefits of optimal health during the past eighteen years, we have gained tremendous experience and success making sports, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle more fun and desirable for kids than sedentary, unhealthy habits.""