"Emily and I have been delighted with the SuperGym's team (both the coaches and the other players and parents) and are so happy Tali is part of this enterprise."

Dennis Perluss

“Your dance training is the best in the country! Thanks for helping me get accepted by the dance program at my first choice of colleges - UCLA.”

Shai Rosen

“Your amazing coaching helped me lose weight, improve my coordination, speed, and skill. Thank you for helping me fulfull my dream of playing Division I Baseball.”

Michael Kerman

“Thanks SUPERGYM’S for teaching me how to play basketball since Kindergarten and helping me win All CIF honors in high school while breaking many school records.”

Josh Russ

“Coach Kat really made a positive impact on both our team and our season. Encouraging, instructive, and motivating, she understands the importance of fundamentals and helped us work on moves like power lay-ups, dribbling through defenders, and form shooting until we perfected them. Coach Kat is dedicated to the team, evident in her pivotal role in our second CIF game where she led us to victory with poise, excitement, and skill. I believe her involvement was what took us to CIF Quarterfinals for the first time in the school's history. Her influence and wisdom extend beyond improving playing skills. She demonstrates values like humility, discipline, and having fun, and she never hesitates to lend a kind word or helping hand.”

Julie Zovak, 16, Mayfield Senior School Varsity, CIF Quarterfinalist

“It was evident I had never played organized basketball when I tried out for Coach Kat's team. Lay-ups were my biggest challenges. At the beginning of the season, I couldn't shoot a single layup, but her determination in making me better was relentless. By the end of the season, I was able to shoot layups from the right and left hands at full speed. She was able to break fundamentals down and articulate it in a way that even I could understand. It's not just about basketball with her; she cares about us and how we feel emotionally and physically. She believed in me and helped me hone in on my strengths; never allowing us to give up. Pushing me to my extent has inspired me to be a leader and a better player in many ways. I cannot thank Coach Kat enough for showing me what it is to love a sport both on and off the court.”

Aika Lau, 14

"Chris has helped me my entire career. It was his training that enabled and prepared me for professional basketball in the NBA and on the best european teams in the world. I'm one of the best players in Europe and I equate a great deal of that to Chris"

Alex Acker

"There is not a better trainer than Chris, his passion and focus on helping me get results and preparing me for the Big 12 was why I was able to dominate and become player of the year in Jr. college and earn a full scholarship"

Buchi Awaji

"I owe a lot to coach Acker, he helped me grow on and off the court. I became a complete player under his tutiledge"

Troy Payne

First team all Big West selection
"Honestly coach Acker turned me into a great player. Honestly every part of my game improved under him. I will continue to train with him"

Darren Moore

Competed in the D- League championship this season avg. 15 and 5
"I have trained with a lot of trainers, some are suppose to be the best. Chris is the best! His training is about results, no gemics he gets you ready and prepares you for your season. He's the guy I need training me throughout my career"

Richard Roby